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Mobile Apps : Cross Platform - Code Once - Run Anywhere

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Managing multiple mobile code bases and applications across different platforms (e.g. apple & android) and retaining the skills for both of these platforms is becoming increasingly costly and difficult to manage. The ongoing maintenance and support of these multiple platforms will become cost prohibative.

Rather it is more cost effective to create a cross platform mobile standards-based web interface for deployment to multiple smart phone and tablet platforms e.g. iPhone, Andriod, Blackberry, Kindle Fire and many more...

We utilise advanced development frameworks that allow Code Once --> Run Anywhere to these different mobile smart phone devices using industry standard HTML5 development toolsets whilst retaining the individual device's look and feel and native application behaviour.

These toolsets 'look and feel' like a native app without the cost factor of developing across multiple platforms.

In addition this technology has advanced capabilities to allow for:

  • Offline operation - use the application and store data even when not connected to the network. And 'sync up' when next connected.
  • Integration with the native interface - e.g. allows access to hardware operations such as camera and internal databases such as contacts.

BusinessAware for Mobile Apps

We utilise interactive User Interface prototyping tools that allow us to quickly mock up your mobile application and allows us to test with you the Information Architecure, navigation and overall usability of the application and navigation at low cost to change.

Coupled with our decades of experience in developing business applications the addition of Mobile technologies for information capture and downstream input into business workflows allows organisations to :

  • Better control the quality of their data.
  • Reduce data entry duplication and manual recording methods.
  • Allow more time for value-add activities with less time needed for repetitive tasks.
  • Provide a platform for visualition of products and services for customers at time of data capture.
  • Extend the business process / workflow to the data source.

iPhone & iPad Native Applications

Our developers are experienced with the iOS computing platform from Apple for iPad and iPhone. In conjunction with our Line of Business web application experience we can provide you with an end-to-end solution - from mobile data capture through to back-office processing.