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CheckIT! - Risk and Quality Assessment

Risk & Quality Assessment for Applications and Development Projects

CheckIT! Clients - Honda, Mitre10, Toll, Tabcorp, AEU, Dulux and others

Reviewing your IT Projects or Business Applications at crucial intervals in their delivery or life-cycle provides peace of mind for your IT investment.

Our proven, standards based Risk and Quality Assessment method and toolset provides you with a health check of your current business application or software development project. This service provides you with independent review and verification of your application or project deliverables and can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Some standard reviews include:

  • Fit for Purpose assessments - review your application or project deliverables against our established quality or otherwise agreed criteria.
  • Risk Assessment for Project deliverables - including design phase and software code deliverables. Provides a detailed gap analysis to highlight any deficiencies or remediation requirements.
  • Supportability Review - understand how supportable your application or system really is and what steps are required to remediate.
  • Outsourcing Review - if you have outsourced your software development - speak to us; our review helps you mitigate risk at critical points in your outsourced projects.
  • Application Architecture Review - review application and integration architectures to ensure solutions are structured to meet your specific requirements now and into the future.
  • Security Review - Analysis of your software using our security review model and toolset can help identify vulnerabilities or threats.
  • Software Quality - Our Quality review process provides in-depth assessment of your software and application providing a detailed view of the quality attributes of the system and identifies any areas of remediation required.
  • Software Selection and Procurement,  R F I & R F Q Preparation and Management - we are very experienced in the management and analysis of the software selection and procurement process as a stand-alone exercise or through an RFI/RFQ process.
  • Digital and Social Media Stategy - Looking to align your brand with your website and social media assets? We can assist with a providing a digitial and social media marketing strategy to help your orgainisation better articulate your products and services.
  • IT Strategy and Governance - We are very experienced in architecting and preparing IT strategies for organisations to help them grow and by implementing the most appropriate IT Governance approaches to fit with organisational needs.

Assessment outcomes are documented in a detailed report suitable for senior management and offer practical and experienced-based recommendations for remediation and next steps.

CheckIT! - Quality and Risk Assessment

Our consultants have used this method for many Australian businesses including: ESTA, Honda, Tabcorp, Dulux, AEU, Wridgways, Mitre10 and Tenix Solutions.